60 minutes. Can you escape?

The Escape Room Guys are excited to bring our interactive puzzle-based experience to Cathedral Quarter, Derby


A Rough Trade

You’ll need to break into the office of the CEO to reveal the history and secrets of a company with a scandalous past. With just 60 minutes to unlock the truth, does your team have what it takes to bring the company to justice?

More rooms coming soon!

A fun and challenging experience for friends, family, work colleagues and enthusiasts. Great for party occasions, team building and family days out.


Rooms packed with challenges and a time limit of sixty minutes. Work as a team and you might just succeed.

Team Building

The perfect way for friends or colleagues to challenge themselves with a high quality team building exercise.

Special Events

Create an incredible experience for special occasions, tailored to the amount of guests you’d like.

Fun for all

No special knowledge required. Be creative, be curious, and your team of all ages and skills will escape!

Contact us if you feel you may need something more custom built for a special occasion.

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